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services, inc. captioned by, closed captioning services, inc. >> live and at large these are fox news alerts. as tonight two big stories continue to dominate the headlines. we have exclusive inside information on both of them. first the continuing fallout over the character assassination and tragic ouster of our commander in afghanistan general stanley mcchrystal. after an incredible career most recently surviving nine continuous years of intense combat fighting for his country this american hero has been cut down, not by al qaeda or the taliban, but by a dishonorable jourm lis tick hatchet job in rolling tone magazine one that gives aid and comfort to our nation's enemies. you will hear why what was done to him was so low down and dirty. and because of the trust put in us by the family of michael jackson we had exclusive access friday to the memorial
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commemorating the first anniversary of his death. we have the straight story we think on what's happening as millions of dollars flow the family's way even as certain members express their concern that the cash not obscure their fight for the truth behind the untimely death of the king of pop. hi everybody i am geraldo rivera. those important stories are coming up. up front tonight president obama is on his way back to the white house after attending that economic summit in torontoronto canada which was marred the usual belligerent jerk that is try to trash every one of these events no matter who sits in the white house. before we hear the president on the difficult issue of afghanistan let's ask our mike tolbin in toronto who these demonstrators really are. >> who are they, mike? >> geraldo, these -- hi there, geraldo. these demonstrators are often associated with the term the black block which really applies
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a tactic more than it does a group of individuals or a movement. that is a tactic when they dress in the black clotheing with their faces covered with the ski goggles on. after they have done their destruction they strip off the black clothing they have other colors underneath and blends back into the crowd. sometimes people want to associate them with an anarchist movement particularly one out of ontario. at least anarchists stand for something they are moving in a particular direction. what we saw out of these kids is they are punks who are joining these different marches diverting all of the attention from the marches and they are only doing it because their bud don't -- buddy doss it. they have their political rant break things and get jollies out of it because they end up on the world stage. >> they really are nothing but people looking for trouble, kids looking to fill their time and grab attention? >> that's exactly what they were.
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we watched them for two-days. they were in the friday demo. we thought they were going to cause some trouble then. we followed them close lip on the saturday demo. they group together in a big huddle hine a banner and say all sorts of things you couldn't repeat in front of a priest, give you the universal hand gesture that implies they are not really happy with you then they tore off. they did disgusting things like in addition to putting billiard balls and hammers in their backpacks that they use to smash out store front windows they stored bottles of urine in their backpacks with, we know they through on at least one news crew the cbc news crew as they attacked them. they destroyed all sorts of things saying they were going after symbols of capitalism but they were breaking stuff, geraldo. >> you talk about punks, you got it exactly right. thank you for joining us, man. get out of the rain. >> even though the toronto summit basically inside at least revolved around the worldwide
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financial crisis and cut national deficits without crushing the still feeble global recovery many of the questions th at the press conference following the summit were about afghanistan. here is the president. >> we have been in afghanistan now for nine years. next year we will have been there for a decade. this is now america's longest war. what that means is that all of us have an interest not in occupying afghanistan but an interest in making sure afghanistan is stable, can stand on its own two feet when it comes to security issues, and is not a base for terrorist activities launched by the united states of america. we will launch a full review. those things that are not working we will fix. those things that are working we will build on. both on the civilian side and on the military side. as well as on the diplomatic
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side. ultimately as was true in iraq so will be true in afghanistan. we will have to have a political solution not simply a military solution. >> on friday near west point our new commander in afghanistan general david petraeus spoke to our wounded warriors being honored by the national purple heart hall of fame. >> all of us are here of course because we recognize our nation's purple heart recipients are heroes, heroes whose service encourage deserve our eternal gratitude. >> i was dying to can the general's reaction to the mcchrystal hurricane in his own unexpected assumption of command in afghanistan. but his aids pleaded with me that i honor the general's resolve not to grant any interviews until after congress confirms him on tuesday. so instead we exchanged pleasantries about his high
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school reunion that he was attending in nearby cornwall, new york. i would have loved to ask him question but i could not at the time. >> morning. >> how are you doing? >> doing great. wonderful army wife. >> thanks again. >> before the whole hub of faith i want to focus bag on rolling stones character -- first meet michael hastings of rolling stone the instrument of general mcchrystal's destruction. we report, you decide. i went out to try to tell the best story that i could and write what i saw, heard and thought, and i have really no control over the after effect. that wasn't really what i was focusing on. what i was focusing on was trying to write the best story that i could to bring attention to the war in afghanistan. i did not expect the fallout that occurred.
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i didn't think it was possible for general mcchrystal to get fired. >> part of it was a group of officers who find themselves with a night off which they did not expect having been working 24/7 in kabul they went out in a social environment and i must tell you that as a young navy pilot on occasion at happy hour some things were ta said about commanding officer that we wouldn't want to have been held responsible for. it doesn't excuse anything but certainly makes people understand the circumstances a little better. >> when someone who works for the general commander, the war front in afghanistan mocks the vice president of the united states calling joe biden, bite me, that reporter knows that that statement, if it becomes public has strategic significance, that the president would be forced to do what he did unless he was -- >> that's what rolling stones wanted.
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>> my point, bill, is when it is a strategic issue like that, something of that import to your country, damn it, you have an obligation to say was that on the record? do you really want to say that? you have po t to put it in context. >> when we come back, ladies and gentlemen, you will see why what was done to mcchrystal was so grossly unfair. be right back. [ male announcer ] at toyota, we care about your safety. that's why we're investing one million dollars every hour... to improve our technology and your safety. it's an investment that's helped toyota earn multiple top safety pick awards for 2010 by the insurance institute for highway safety. no other brand has won more. these top safety picks, and all our new safety innovations are available at
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>> back live everybody. you know what really makes the general's ouster a tragedy is that it's based on a lie. that lie is the implication that general mcchrystal disagreed with and was in some way attempting to undermine, sabotage our national policy in afghanistan. that is the implication from the rolling stones interview in my opinion. that is untrue. and part of our evidence that it is untrue is what we saw and heard ourselves during the 20
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hours straight that brother craig spent with general mcchrystal and his taffe staff on our last extended assignment in afghanistan just three months ago. >> the conduct represented in the recently published article does not meet the standard that should be set by a commanding general. it undermines the civilian that is at the core of our military. >> he accepted the resignation of general mcchrystal after the rolling stones article politicians pundits alike are using the opening created the ouster to criticize his controversial policy owe called courageous restraints making the reduction ofivelyian casualties a priority. >> this is a chance to start over completely. >> they have real issues of whether you have a strategy that says go win that war but at the same time make sure you don't ever fire upon anybody who might potentially be collateral
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damage. >> there is nothing wrong with second-guessing mcchrystal's approach but the tragedy of his sudden firing is the so-called disdain for civilian authority that the article portrays is absolutely contradicted by the reality of a man i spent 20 hours were on combat rotation in afghanistan. the dagen ceremonially with a s review of the afghan army troops taked to forces in july 2011 in the embattled helmet providence. then the belly of the beast the city of marja in the heart of opium country where marines had just liberated the city from taliban control. >> general, why is it so important for you to take these missions for operating basis? >> you never can know what's going on on the ground unless you go on the ground. you will never understand unless you talk to the people who do understand.
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in this case it's the residence here and the afghan national army and in this case marines who are doing it every day. >> at one point the general asked that i stop rolling my camera unlike the rolling stone reporter, i honored that request. >> as he delivered a difficult message to the marines who fought so hard for this town all the while operating under restrictions to reduce civilian casualties therefore putting themselves at greater risk he allowed me to observe the reaction as he spoke and listened to the troops. >> gave them an opportunity to ask questions and understand and hair that. it is a responsible but it's one i think most leaders really enjoy. >> you have a question and answer period at the ends of each of your visits. one of the big questions is about president obama's statement about troops leighing -- leaving by 2011. >> in 20011 he did say we would
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begin the reduction of u.s. ground forces. he also said at a pace that makes sense with conditions. so i think sometimes people focus on that which i don't think is a big deal and miss the fact that we have got the long-term strategic partnership. >> until they contradictly reports the general was disdainful of fox news during his entire time i was with him his senior staff members spoke openly and with insight and feelings. they and i left it to general mcchryst mcchrystal to speak frankly and openly about the difficulties we face in dealing with afghanistan against the taliban. speaking without even wearing his own body arm mo armor. >> they still lack confidence and certainty. the afghan government needs further mat tour ration. but i think things are starting to get better. >> now set back not by the enemy
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but by rolling stone's magazine. you are in touch with his staff the man responsible for the quote in the article tell me how those evenor staff officers are feeling right now? >> geraldo as you can image they all feel terrible about what happened to the general. they say it was their business which brought the boss down. they are the one that is gave the rolling stone writer the access he had. they also fear this will have dramatic consequences of all journalists now covering the war because they will be restricting accesses to venues which they tried to be very open and transparent about in the past geraldo. >> craig, thanks. with general mcchrystal not due in afghanistan for more than a week our commanders on the ground are emphasizing they are not waiting around for the new boss to arrive. in his headlines today stress the sad fact that the month of june has become the deadliest by the u. -- for the u.s. and alli since it began nine years ago.
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what has been over looked is enemies are dropping like flies, at least 1 killed in recent air strikes today and yesterday not to mention that our forces in afghanistan are just now starting their surge. here is a personal e-mail i got from a major in the 101st airborne our principal weapon along with the marines about the new offensive. the number of enemy casualties is significant. while we are not reruzirevisitiy counts at the time please know sacrifices made by both afghan and u.s. soldiers today is not in vain. this one this e-mail from major general john f. campbell. the fighting general commanding the 101st airborne who's career we have chronicled for most of the last decade. america's spartan. the point of our speer in iraq during the surge there.
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ar. >> first of all, i think that something awful has happened here. i think it is effecting our conduct of the war. i think my point is it was done by a reporter not by an al qaeda terrorist. >> absolutely. move on. it's done and you have to focus on what's next. i think the choice of petraeus is inspired. he knows how to deal with the media without getting caught. he knows how to present to congress. the hearts and minds you have to win are the americans. petraeus knows how to do that. i think the president has been hesitant to go out and sell his war policy, his afghan war policy. petraeus i think is the man who will be able to do it for him. he also is going to be able to force the president to make some decisions. there's a difference between our
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military leadership in afghanistan and civilian leadership. somebody has to sort out who is in charge. >> general we could do a whole show about the statement he made. didn't you work with petraeus? >> i was his deputy in the 82nd airborne division. >> he spent 19 months in a row in iraq, he won one war last year as you know he had prostate cancer now is in remission or it disappeared. we hope he is well. a collapsed incident in fort congress. we have a thin bench here that's one of the reasons i am ticked off. >> stan mcchrystal is a great american hero. he has been fighting in war and americans sleep more soundly at night because of stan mcchrystal and men like him and he gave us zarqawi's head on a platter and many other heads many don't know about. >> zarqawi doa. >> for him to go down like this at the hands of a wes el like
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hastings, you got to be kiddi
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>> in fly on the wall journalism you are there to capture those kinds of moments. the only reason people are reading the story is because of the human side of it how these guys really interact. >> this was a major deal. to do it under those rules where you have to admit your third begin and tonic, you are frustrated, you are waiting for the volcanic ash to clear, everybody is on their most relaxed behavior to get a statement and utterance like that an utterance from not the general himself but by one of his over eager macho staffers is something you have an obligatin and honorable obligation to check out before you rush to the press. >> continuing with macfarland
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and general pada andrew pentaro is s and juan williams. what do you say, juan? >> you have been out front on this. i admire it so much, geraldo, because most of us have long careers in journalism and it is very difficult to come out and be critical of the fraternity. everybody wants a scoop and everybody wants a hot story. he has the hottest story of his life. but i thought the story was evident people who are venting frustrated having a social hour and i am just -- i was taken apaa aback by it because it seems to me to be sort of a basic violation of your human spirit. like these guys are under a lot of pressure, give them a break say hey, you know what, i am here i am on the record or make it clear you are off the record. certainly go back and check with people, be decent about it. i mean this is not is something that is so critical except now it's become critical because it has impacted the conduct of this he essential war in afghanistan.
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in terms of the war itself i think you and i have the difference i worry this thing has gone on for owe long we are sloging along as you heard the president say it's our tenth year i believe. it is a 30 years that people have been in afghanistan trying to get something done. ingham mid karzai is an unreliable part f partner in wh we are trying to do. is this something that will come to a good end? >> andrea, what about kt's political point of the skisim between the military and civilian side. >> it was reckless for mcchrystal to that i can meez comments we have moved afghanistan front and center. the differences need to be settled. if there are going to be civilians on the ground in afghanistan that will be undermining the general that is a problem and that needs to be dealt with. i know you and juan have have journalists and as former press
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secretary dealing nt oth on the side they never should have happened. rule number one with the press, you always assume always that everything you aid is going to be written down. one statement could have fixed all of that that night. third beer, 5th begin and tonic. this is entirely off the record. you ha you get the reporter to agree. that didn't happen. the larger point is rolling stone never should have been there. they are an el leftist ideological driven liberal on the verge of irrelevance. what do you expect? of course they are going to publish it. it's the only way of staying in the spotlight. that's the issue here. >> another tragedy is what will now happen as a result nobody will give interviews to anybody. i was in the pentagon as a post vietnam period in the reagan administration when i was the pentagon spokesman. we had meetings and reports. how do you get the press to be able to come and have a decent conversation with the military. we had turned that around.
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this is going to put us right this is going to put us right i got an egg a candy necklace an orange a band-aid a stamp helium i got a mustache [pop] lipstick
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